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Terms and Conditions

Relating to your Registration

The GIOHIS Registration includes the following: – Access to all the conference sessions (except for any closed private session where media are not invited and where GIOHIS may exclude any delegate it reasonably believes may record the session)

– One networking breakfast on 5th February

– Two delegate lunches at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas on 4th and 5th February

–  An evening networking reception at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas on 4th February

– An early evening networking reception at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, with transport to and from the event on 5th February

– Inclusion in the list of delegates (as long as registration is received by 31st January 2019)

Registrations for delegates can only be made via this GIOHIS website. Once you register, the GIOHIS site will send you a confirmatory email.

All out-of-pocket costs of the delegate, including inter alia, (i) travel to and from the Summit or otherwise in connection with the Summit, (ii) hotel or other lodging costs, and (iii) any refreshments not included in the list are the sole responsibility of the delegate and these are not included in the registration fee. If for any reason the Summit is cancelled or postponed for any reason, you accept that GIOHIS and HOFTEL Asia Limited are not liable for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by the delegate.

Your contact information, as provided in your registration will be shared with the Summit sponsors. It will also be shared with other delegates on the Summit networking system and in the delegate list unless you have ticked the one or both boxes that say you do not wish this to be shared, or that you accept that it is shared but wish to withhold your mobile number.

Your registration is personal to you and does not allow friends, colleagues, partners, guests or anyone else to accompany you to the Summit. Unless you are a speaker, you may elect a colleague to take your place, up to 25th January 2019, upon payment to GIOHIS of a change fee of US$ 150 or after 25th January (but before 1st February) for a change fee of US$ 250. However, after 1st February 2019, any changes to delegates require the prior written approval of GIOHIS which may be withheld at its absolute discretion in which case your registration fee will be retained by GIOHIS; if the change is accepted, the change fee will be US$ 350. GIOHIS does not sell one-day tickets and a colleague may not replace you for part of the time; a change is for the entire conference.

You may cancel your participation in GIOHIS at any time by writing to If you cancel prior to 1st January 2019, your subscription will be refunded less a US$ 265 cancellation fee; if you cancel between 1st January and 15th January 2019, your subscription will be refunded less a US$ 695 cancellation fee. If you cancel thereafter, apologies but the delegate registration payment is non-refundable in all circumstances. In the event that you do not pay and GIOHIS /HOFTEL incurs costs in reclaiming any such unpaid amount, then you agree to pay or repay to GIOHIS /HOFTEL such costs or expenses.

GIOHIS reserves the right to prohibit anyone from attending, or may allow anyone to attend, the Summit at its final discretion and without providing an explanation.

Relating to the Summit

You agree that GIOHIS and any related parties, other delegates, sponsors and media participants may photograph, and record via video or audio methods your participation in the Summit and waive any and all claims against GIOHIS or Hoftel Asia Limited as a result of this. You further agree that GIOHIS may use any presentation you make or any recordings or photographs it takes (i) on its website, (ii) to share with delegates and sponsors (iii) or for future marketing purposes. You agree that you will observe local and regional customs and refrain from any behaviour which is libellous, slanderous or otherwise defamatory.

You understand and accept that the Summit’s agenda, speakers and all networking events are subject to alteration at any time before or during the Summit, at the discretion of GIOHIS or possibly due to matters outside its control.