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The full programme will be announced closer to the date but we will, as always, address the real issues of the moment with directness and transparency.  Topics on the agenda for 2020 include:

• White label operators – can home-grown groups offer better value than global players?
• Dealing with global crises – what lessons can we learn from this year’s tragedies?
• Africa is the new land of opportunity – but are the deals really happening?
• As the major brand companies create new labels, do owners need to revisit the restricted area clauses in management agreements?
• Growing Kids on the block – Which GCC market would you invest in at this point in their development? (A live voting session)
• Can the Maldives market keep adding hotels and still remain “elite”
• Proptech – endless dead ends or real value creation for hotel owners?
• In brutal market conditions, do brands or OTAs hold the key to filling your hotel?
• After Thomas Cook can resort owners rely on tour operators for distribution?